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Hearing: Safety Topics - September 2019 - Week 3

Of our five senses, hearing is the easiest sense to lose. Noisy work can significantly damage your hearing if done without protective equipment or ear plugs. This damage is irreversible as no technology currently exists to restore hearing.

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 10% of the workforce has difficulty hearing and one out of every four hearing difficulty cases is due to work exposures. These work related exposures are typically from loud noise but can also include chemicals that damage the inner ear. [1]

This week, we’ll talk about how noise affects our hearing, how to measure dangerous noise levels, how hearing is tested, and how to protect your ears in different ways depending upon the situation.

Ladders and Fall Protection: Safety Topics - September 2019 - Week 2

When we think of ladder safety and fall protection, we usually associate them with construction, but ladder safety and fall protection are just as important for maintenance, repairs, and everyday home improvement tasks.
A fall from any height can result in a concussion, traumatic brain injury, and in some cases, death. Ladder accidents are common at home and in the workplace and the majority of ladder deaths are from falls 10 feet or less. In 2011, ladder falls caused 113 fatalities in the workplace alone.
This week we will discuss three commonly used ladder types, how to safely use them, and safe storing and handling techniques that you can easily implement to your usage.

Gloves: Safety Topics - September 2019 - Week 1

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is like a last-resort shield from injury hazards. However, PPE does not mean invincibility. While there are many different types of PPE for breathing or eyes, gloves are the only protection your hands get. Gloves may not completely prevent all hand lacerations but they do a good job in reducing severity. Different gloves have different purposes and protect against different hazards. This week we will discuss glove signage to ensure all employees are able to recognize the right protection against abrasions, cuts, chemicals, and heat.

Silica: Safety Topics - August 2019 - Week 4

People generally take physical hazards seriously; however, what happens when hazards are invisible and their effects are not immediately noticed? Respiratory protection is often times neglected, as opposed to hearing, sight, and body protection, despite being just as important! You need your lungs to breathe just as much as you need your eyes to see and ears to hear, so why isn’t respiratory protection discussed as frequently?
This week we’ll focus on new OSHA standards for respiratory protection from silica particles and other contaminants. We’ll also talk about proper use of respirators and PPE. We’ll wrap up the week with contaminant protection at home that might surprise you.

Driving: Safety Topics - August 2019 - Week 3

What if someone on your team didn’t return to work on Monday because of a motor vehicle accident over the weekend? After a long week at work, you may want to go out with friends and family and enjoy yourself; however, weekends are the worst times for vehicle accidents. You are 30% more likely to be in a vehicle accident on Saturday than any other day of the week. While you may be driving safe and sober, you can’t guarantee that everyone on the road is too. Impaired driving is responsible for more than 10,000 motor-vehicle deaths in the U.S. every year. While you can’t control other drivers or driving conditions, you can do your part to ensure you’re being as safe as possible when in control of a vehicle.

Summer Time Safety: Safety Topics - August 2019 - Week 1

Summer is for good times, outside activities, and long evenings. With the warmth, sun, and holidays, staying focused on work is difficult and incident risk increases. As employees go on vacation and contractors or temporary workers are hired, there is more potential for incident occurrences. As the season comes to an end and associates come back to work, safety rules are often forgotten over break which leads to accidents.

Summer Water Safety: Safety Topics - July 2019 - Week 4

Hot summers mean outdoor water activities with friends and family to cool off. While being outside in the water is fun and healthy, it’s very easy to neglect or forget about safety.
This week we will discuss all things summer water safety. Whether you spend your summers swimming, boating, kayaking, or canoeing, this safety topic will cover it all!

Ergonomics: Safety Topics - July 2019, Week 3

Ergonomics is unique to each person and work environment. The optimal ergonomic tool for one person may make no difference for another person. Ergonomics aims to optimize general processes, work conditions, and arrangements of objects in every work environment, while engineering a customized solution for each person that increases efficiency, improves work performance, and limits the risk of injury.
This week we will discuss general workplace ergonomics, individual work-related injuries, and how they relate to each other.

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