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Ergonomics: Safety Topics - July 2019, Week 3

Ergonomics is unique to each person and work environment. The optimal ergonomic tool for one person may make no difference for another person. Ergonomics aims to optimize general processes, work conditions, and arrangements of objects in every work environment, while engineering a customized solution for each person that increases efficiency, improves work performance, and limits the risk of injury.
This week we will discuss general workplace ergonomics, individual work-related injuries, and how they relate to each other.

Hand and Power Tools: Safety Topics - April 2019 Week 5

The dangers of hand and power tools are evident in the 400,000 U.S. emergency room visits they account for each year. A large majority of these emergency room visits is caused by misuse and carelessness. With proper use and effective safety programs, these incidents are significantly reduced. This week we’ll talk about some specific hand and power tools and their unique safety hazards to watch out for.

Learning Curves: Safety Topics - April 2019 Week 4

When it comes to new challenges, most often we think about a change in our work tasks. That “learning curve” can be dangerous. We have to think harder about the task at hand, which may open us up to new safety hazards. This week we’ll remind ourselves, “If you do something new make sure to review.”

Spring: Safety Topics - April 2019 Week 1

Springtime is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family, or start new home projects and renovations. At the same time there are unique safety hazards during this time of year. From plants and insects, to power tools and tornadoes, spring time can be dangerous. This week we’ll talk about what to watch out for to keep you and your family and friends safe while enjoying the fresh air.

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