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You Can Change Your Workplace Safety Culture. We've Got Your Back.

At EnPro Learning System (ELS) we believe a positive workplace safety culture benefits an entire organization from production to quality to customer service. It starts with a vision of injury freedom, a conviction that all injuries are preventable, and a commitment to physical and psychological safety as a core value. ELS safety consultants and trainers help organizations like yours develop safety leaders who exemplify these beliefs, no matter their position or job responsibility.
If you are ready to take the journey to a positive safety culture and workplace injury freedom, come with us!

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We are EnPro Learning System

EnPro Learning System is the professional development subsidiary of EnPro Industries dedicated to continuous improvement for organizations in safety, leadership and quality performance. Honored as America’s Safest Company by EHS Today three times in the past 12 years, EnPro Industries offers other organizations its proven workplace safety culture systems and best practices through ELS programs and services.
We're always looking for talented EHS managers who share our passion for visionary safety. Want to join our sucessful team?

EnPro Learning System is dedicated to helping companies continuously improve through our core values of Safety, Respect and Excellence. These core values of EnPro Industries drive our passion to help people succeed in life and in business. At EnPro Industries, we call this the Dual Bottom Line.

Since its launch in 2012, EnPro Learning System has delivered safety culture training and consulting designed to empower all employees to improve their workplace environments and create a strong safety culture through leadership development:

In addition, our expert EHS professionals partner with organizations as trainers, consultants, and contractors to help implement best practices for injury prevention. Working together, we can transform your organization's safety culture with processes and tools that make safety an integral part of the work environment.

To track and report workplace safety performance improvements, ELS offers Safety Reporting System (SRS), a proprietary injury incident management EHS software app tailored to the ELS care management program. More than a data warehouse, SRS is a communication and accountability system to make sure that corrective actions are taken to prevent the same injuries from ever occurring again anywhere else in the organization. 

0 Injuries Goal

250+ Customers

7 Step Safety System

Today EnPro Learning System is recognized as a trailblazer in workplace safety culture change development and leadership, with customers throughout the United States and Canada. Our safety professionals are sought-after guest  keynote speakers at national conferences not only in the EHS arena, but also risk management, human resources, and quality improvement, as well as specific industry categories such as manufacturing, food packaging, metals processing and construction. Through ELS, EnPro Industries has developed the best practices in workplace safety leadership to efficiently move your organization forward on the journey to injury freedom - zero injuries.

Client Industries

  • manufacturing
  • chemicals
  • food packaging
  • metals processing
  • mining
  • municipal government
  • universities
  • pharmaceuticals
  • power generation
  • heavy construction
  • warehousing
  • distribution

No matter the industry or culture, people value workplace safety. The ELS positive workplace safety culture approach works across industries worldwide, no matter the language. It's been successful at EnPro Industries locations in multiple countries, languages and cultures:

  • United States
  • Mexico
  • France
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Brazil

We believe that zero injuries can be achieved, working together.