Our heavy-duty manufacturing facilities are not safe - but our people are.

EnPro Industries is a diversified manufacturer of proprietary engineered products used in critical applications across diverse end markets. These high-value products and services help customers solve their most difficult problems and operate their facilities safely and efficiently.

Through its diverse divisions and subsidiaries, EnPro Industries is a leader in heavy duty manufacturing: mechanical bearings, sealing technologies, diesel and dual-fuel engines, tractor-trailer hubs, as well as other products that meet the needs of industries worldwide. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and value propels our brands to wide recognition and leading positions in global markets, such as aerospace, mining, chemical processing, oil and gas, and more.

EnPro Learning Systems (ELS) is the external professional development subsidiary designed to help other companies through safety culture, leadership growth and quality continuous improvement. The manufacturing companies operated by eEnPro Industries include STEMCO, Technetics Group, Fairbanks Morse, Garlock Sealing Technologies, Compressor Products International, and GGB Bearings Technology.

Each EnPro Industries company has its own unique safety challenges. Through safety culture leadership and development, companywide employee engagement reduces risk and eliminates injuries. Most EnPro plant facilities go injury-free year after year. These heavy-duty manufacturing facilities may not be safe - but the people are.


A world-class leader in manufacturing and supplying high quality commercial vehicle solutions, Stemco is number one in vocational, fleet, truck, and trailer manufacturing markets. Stemco’s passion of Making the Roadways Safer® has paved the way for a line of products that are durable, reliable, and easy to use.

Stemco manufactures top-quality trailer parts, such as brakes, suspensions, wheel ends, trailer tails, and tire monitoring systems. With corporate offices and manufacturing facilities in almost every continent, Stemco’s centralized distribution centers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and China ensure roadways are safer all over the globe.

Safety at STEMCO extends beyond product quality to manufacturing processes. Our STEMCO colleagues are regularly exposed to hazards such as lacerations, pinches, Lock-Out / Tag-Out power controls, and others associated with heavy manufacturing equipment, presses, forms and assembly. Our safety culture system and habits of excellence help STEMCO colleagues keep one another safe.


Technetics Group is made up of eight of the world’s best-known sealing and critical component design and manufacturing businesses: Helicoflex, Garlock France, Tara Technologies, Technetics, Wide Range Elastomers, Plastomer Technologies, Hydrodyne, and Qualiseal Techology.

Technetics Group is a leader in the sealing and component industries through innovation, top quality customer support, application engineered solutions, and responsiveness to emerging design features. With custom engineered sealing and component solutions, Technetics engineers work with customers to ensure their specifications and requirements are met with precision.

Because many of their manufacturing processes are specialized, Technetics colleagues work together to re-engineer and continuously improve their equipment and tools. Our project-specific Safety Action Teams address issues with older equipment such as machine guarding, as well as integrating robotics, chemical washing, and other new equipment.


Headquartered in Washington D.C., Fairbanks Morse is a worldwide leader in the technology and manufacturing of large-scale engines used in marine and power generation applications. Fairbanks Morse develops critical power production systems and solutions for communities, industrial businesses, and the United States military. In fact, Fairbanks Morse is the principal supplier of medium-speed diesel engines to the U.S. Navy. The mission at Fairbanks Morse is providing innovative power solutions to the world’s greatest energy challenges while keeping safety a top priority.

At its principal manufacturing facility in Beloit, Wisconsin, Fairbanks Morse colleagues must hold one another to high safety standards in a dangerous industrial work environment that involves heavy lift cranes and powered trucks. Our colleagues build engines that are larger than buses, which involves scaffolding with fall protection, confined space monitoring, and respiratory PPE. Fairbanks Morse colleagues have made great strides in preventing future injuries through the Care Management process, which ensures that the same injuries never happen again.


Garlock is a multinational manufacturer of high-performance sealing and pipeline solutions with an emphasis on safety, longevity, and productivity. In partnership with customers, industry associations, and governmental organizations, Garlock aims to better understand the unique sealing challenges of each entity, and responds with innovative solutions that keep people safe and increase profitability – the essentials of the EnPro Dual Bottom Line.

Garlock works with customers in a multitude of industries that operate large-scale fluids processing plants, ranging from pulp and paper, metals and mining, oil and gas, chemicals and wastewater, to food and beverages and pharmaceuticals. Garlock maintains a global presence in manufacturing and distribution facilities, and operates state-of-the-art research, development, and testing facilities that continue to advance product quality while meeting the rapidly changing demands of industrial customers. 

Our Garlock colleagues create a safety culture that keeps people safe while bending, shaping, grinding and cutting metals. Because the products are precisely designed, our colleagues help each other work at a safe pace in a controlled, precise way with habits of excellence.


Compressor Products International designs, manufactures, and markets precision-engineered components for compressors used in a variety of facilities within the chemical, natural gas, and transportation industries. CPI is the leader in reciprocating compressor components due to the thorough knowledge of compressor operations and field experience that is applied to each product.

CPI colleagues believe every injury can be prevented, and they demonstrate their commitment to this safety culture through our Safety Pledge and our safety system. In manufacturing pistons, rods, ring valves, monitoring devices, and lubrications, the CPI team is regularly exposed to dangerous chemicals and automated cutting tools. However, because of their safety culture, the CPI team is extending safety leadership from its top executives to its frontline employees to ensure the safety system is practiced.


GGB is the global leader in high performance bearing solutions. The GGB team is dedicated to supplying customers with standard and customized plain bearings that meet high-end industrial needs. With products used in critical applications, GGB delivers superior, high quality solutions and products that exceed customer requirements in the automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, oil and gas, railways and industrial markets.

With manufacturing facilities across the globe, GGB’s large international network of plants and sales offices serves more than 30,000 customers with superior products. GGB’s industry-leading-in-house R&D facilities ensure product quality and performance is unbeatable.

GGB world-class manufacturing facilities are all certified OHSAS 18001, and working towards certification in the new ISO 45001 standards. The Safety Action Teams of frontline colleagues coordinate first-aid training, monthly safety inspections, air and noise quality monitoring, PPE improvements, fire and evacuation drills, and annual family safety days.