Online Course - WLS Safety System Overview

Every organization has a safety culture.

The question is, will that safety culture prevent injuries? Is your organization’s safety culture building the workplace where people want to go to work each day and do their best? Or is your safety culture costing your organization in workers’ compensation costs, inefficiency, lost productivity, poor quality products, low morale, and bad customer service?

The WLS Safety System can help you to build a positive workplace safety culture change that delivers results, both financially and personally. This online course is designed to give you an overview of the main components of the proprietary WLS Safety System, so that you can make a better decision about how to implement it in your organization. This is more in depth and theoretical than your typical OSHA training. You will get tips and tactics you can use right away to help start changing your safety culture and building support. And you’ll learn about the system components that can be implemented with help from our expert safety consulting team, who are experienced, practicing safety professionals. The system components are delivered as in-person training events unto themselves, either in open enrollment training or on-site contract engagements. 

This Safety System course is broken into 6 sections, each section containing:

  • 1-hour video of webinar recording
  • PDF slide handout file
  • Learning objectives quiz
  • Bonus download file

The 6 learning sections are:

  1. Changing Safety Culture with 2020 Vision
  2. From EHS Management to Safety360 Leadership
  3. From Incident Investigation to Care Management and Injury Prevention
  4. From Safety Committees to Safety Action Teams
  5. From Behavior Based Safety (BBS) to Habits of Excellence
  6. From Safety Programs to Safety Culture Development

When you purchase this Safety System course, you will be granted access to the course for 90 days. You can complete the course sections at your own pace, but you may want to set a goal of completing 2 course sections per month. At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a completion certificate with Workplace Learning System CEUs.

If you would like help to start the safety culture change process through the WLS Safety System, contact us for a risk-free phone consultation call, or just email or even call us directly at 844-264-2357.