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Safety Talks: What You Need To Know

Safety is like house work; doing a little bit each day helps you maintain a safe and organized environment.
Periodic safety talks are essential tools for achieving a positive workplace safety culture. Their presentation and the topics they cover are important in getting the safety message across.

Safety should be the first thing someone thinks about when starting and ending a workday, but after a while, work becomes routine and safety is forgotten. This can lead to injury incidents and near misses. Safety talks help keep safety on the forefront of the mind and employees safe from harm.

Hidden Dangers of Home Renovations: Silica, Asbestos, and Respiratory Protection

Physical hazards are generally taken seriously, but when hazards are invisible and their effects are delayed, they go unnoticed. Despite its importance, respiratory protection during home improvement projects is often times neglected, unlike hearing, sight, and body protection. You need your lungs to breathe just as much as you need your eyes to see and ears to hear, so why isn’t respiratory protection used as frequently?

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